Alyssa Doll
Today was another outdoor shoot - and one that was a lot of fun to do. We headed out of view into the bushes where I found a place to sit while we took some photos. The weather was warm so I took off my jacket and let the sun's rays shine down on my skin. I love being outdoors and soon I was taking off my shirt and showing off my titties for all to see. Next came my shorts and soon I was sitting...
alysa-doll-1.jpg alysa-doll-2.jpg alysa-doll-3.jpg alysa-doll-4.jpg alysa-doll-5.jpg
alysa-doll-6.jpg alysa-doll-7.jpg alysa-doll-8.jpg alysa-doll-9.jpg alysa-doll-10.jpg
alysa-doll-11.jpg alysa-doll-12.jpg alysa-doll-13.jpg alysa-doll-14.jpg alysa-doll-15.jpg

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