Alyssa Doll
Now, this was a totally sexy shoot! I got dressed up in all white - bra, panties, garters and stockings and climbed on top of my bed. I felt so sexy wearing a garter and stockings that I could hardly contain myself. Although I wasn't wearing any real clothes to speak of, I felt totally glamorous and sexy to boot. My bra was the first thing to go and I posed some more for the camera, showing off ...

alyssa_prd_061_011.jpg alyssa_prd_061_016.jpg alyssa_prd_061_017.jpg alyssa_prd_061_019.jpg alyssa_prd_061_020.jpg
alyssa_prd_061_021.jpg alyssa_prd_061_024.jpg alyssa_prd_061_027.jpg alyssa_prd_061_029.jpg alyssa_prd_061_030.jpg
alyssa_prd_061_033.jpg alyssa_prd_061_038.jpg alyssa_prd_061_043.jpg alyssa_prd_061_046.jpg alyssa_prd_061_049.jpg
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